Infinite Glory

I let your beauty
touch my mind
and stand stunned,
in awe.

Eternity comes
and goes,
and still I gaze
in wonder.

My cup fills over
and tears of joy
distill as rain
as a silver mist.

You are here today,
tomorrow, forever
bringing new life,
creating all that is good.

© Richard Scutter

Comments on Infinite Glory

Many images can be associated with the words. I have not included an image on purpose asking the reader to form their own based on their first encounter with the text.

As a religous poem this was written in response to ... 'the angels are in perpetual contemplation of an infinite glory' I had originally included an image from the Shroud of Turin.

It was written for Easter Sunday 2002.

The poem has also been produced using the first line as the title ... I Let Your Beauty

Maureen ... from an early studio portrait

Francis Bacon's essay on beauty starts by linking virtue to beauty ... both go hand in hand.


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