birth defines
there is no mummified detachment
for the caring man

prepared to brace new battle lines
but the bottom line reached
when nappies need replacement!

but Fathers are there when needed –
Richard … Richard … Richard
where are you! …

I’m here behind these words …
hold on … just coming …
nearly finished

supporting pillar
reliable guide
helper and friend

fun to be with
annoyingly arrogant
right all the time …

but always cherishing
with quiet delight
the development of another

and in this case
as a family man
no ‘other’ quite compares …

to a daughter
to a son -
whether great, grand, or God

remembering a mother too! –
for as in birth
Fathers never stand-alone

© Richard Scutter 10 October 2007

Footnote ...

See also Shakespeare's Sonnet 37.


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