Selected Limericks

On Jelly-Bean Poetry

jelly-bean poetry, I love you
jelly-bean poetry, yes I do
short and light
sweet and bright
although some days you make me spew

Against the Apologetic

I once knew a man from Macquarie
wherever he went he said ‘sorry’!
I’m sorry to say
he ended his day
with one very enormous apology

An Old Friend

I met an old friend I once knew
who had skin a vivid dark blue
I said ‘are you cold’
he said ‘no but old
for my blood don’t do what’s its told’

Nose Spray

I once met a man from Hong Kong
who had a nose exceedingly long
that when he did sneeze
there came a strong breeze
that shook all the trees into song

Brenda at Bridge

a Bridge player I know called Brenda
unfortunately swallowed her agenda
on every play
she lost her way
it was a clear case of a hidden agenda

A Hot Rani

My dog goes by the name of Rani
she gobbled a great hot salami
jumped into a jig
squealed like a pig
and drove all the family barmy

Richard Scutter 2 June 2009

Limerick definition …

noun - a type of humorous verse of five lines, in which the first and second lines rhyme with the fifth line, and the shorter third line rhymes with the shorter fourth.

[named after Limerick, Ireland; originally, a song with refrain, `Will you come up to Limerick?']

both a county and a town … a county in south-western Republic of Ireland, in Munster. its county town; a seaport at the head of the Shannon estuary

(from the Macquarie Dictionary)


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