In Gratitude

Sylvia Plath 27 October 32 – 11 February 63

time to stir the blue water
a fixed star radiates
the coffin lies wide open
time to forget the idle prattle
a soft peace wind comes from afar
there is a sound
the indefatigable hoof-taps flame
all else is lost
an angel descends

© Richard Scutter 27 October 2001

Comment on In Gratitude ...

This poem was included in a posting to the Sylvia Plath Forum on 27 October 2001 explaining how I gained an interest in poetry and my introduction to Sylvia Plath's work.

The following is a link for those interested in reading the post ... Sylvia Plath Forum

Of interest ...

Someone sent the following anonymous Post to the Forum at the time of what would have been SP's 70th Birthday ...

The swans are gone. Still the river

Remembers how white they were.
It strives after them with its lights.
It finds their shapes in a cloud.
What is that bird that cries
With such sorrow in its voice?
I am young as ever, it says.

-Sylvia Plath, March 1962

Happy 70th Birthday
Of all the words of mice and men...

From SP's earlier writing ...

In 1949, SP and another student from her english class, co-authored a published response to an article in The Atlantic Monthly. The article was titled "A Reasonable Life in a Mad World" and stated that modernman must rely on the ability to reason to further society. SP's response argued that ... beyond reason, one needed to connect with and embrace inner divinity and spirituality to fully live.

SP you are fully alive


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