IF is a cerebral plan
mind evaluating
probabilities and implications
of what might happen
if that IF eventuates
the life rehearsing IF

IF is a dripping brow
from a fear earned sweat
the back door dread of danger
dominating thought
discolouring life
anticipating disasters

IF is an escape from the now
the view from the rose window
sugar to suffering days
mind food for perseverance
the dream of something different
from the lottery of life

IF is a promise of intent
the after cabbage sweet
a certificate, if qualified
a statement for the masses
warning to the wary
but prison, if found guilty

IF is a hovering axe
a devious device
to procure specific outcome
influencing the gullible
and if you buy it now
you will be rewarded!

but if the IF is an IF ONLY,
IF ONLY it had been so!
then it is the wallow of unacceptance
the drowning of today
in the sad waters of regret -
if only this page could be turned!

© Richard Scutter 9 January 2008


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