March of the Killer Crabs

(to celebrate Pink Rock Poet Day 2007)

above, all is blue sky and summer light
unknowing any undercurrent in the day
ships sail against the far horizon
the breeze, a soft and gentle kiss
the world dozes like an after dinner nap

below and unseen, slinking from Sydney
taking their time to gorge the opposition
killer crabs pick at their prey without remorse
then wallow in the Bondi outfall wash
before their relentless journey south

then steeling themselves off Wollongong waters
they harden their shells for some gastronomic gobbling
tanks full and ready to trundle
they move over the rocks and the seaweed under
creeping the depths with their daggers a dangling

Longbeach clacks to their sharpened claws
snapping and cracking the timbers fall
blocking up bush they build up battlements
then charcoal their minds to make mischief at Mogo
slide sideways seaward on their insidious sweep

but off Broulee beach there’s a great blast
a bird with a bill as big as Batemans Bay
and magnificent mantle of precious pink rock
cries – ENOUGH – back to base -
you conniving clack tacking crustaceans

the crabs return to Sydney -
after creeping up the Clyde to Canberra

© Richard Scutter 11 April 2007

Notes ...

This poem was written in response to the poem Ghost Crabs by Ted Hughes (Wodwo 1967).

The following is an image of the Ghost Crab ... no relation of course to the killer crab who is a real Ghost Crab ...

The March of the Killer Crabs was read by Bill Mandle ... the famous Bill Mandle, at Naytures Table Cafe Moruya on Pink Rock Poet Day 2007. Ken Fry (Neptune), Audrey and son Warwick were present on this celebratory occasion.


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