Six Of The Best

Dad said …
‘I deserve six of the best’

Well … I am tempted
I pass them in the aisle
They are noted but dismissed
I’m made of stronger stuff!

Days go by, weeks, even months
Their voices crescendo
They clamour for attention
But my trolley glides past

Then the fateful day arrives
I remember Dad’s words …
Yes – I have been good
Yes … yes I will!

Sitting on a plate now
Sparkled and asking for it
Wholesome – well they’re not
In each a hole they’ve got

Then the mud cracked first break
Coffee sip for company
Down to a sensuous death
Bumper bliss appreciation
Continue chocolate keeps the taste
Fingers mop-lick flaky waste

Next the strawberry ones – well,
They never really taste the same!

Only the yellow iced remain
What flavour could they be?
I’ll have a try … and see
Pineapple – baby-poo yellow!

Evidence must be effaced
Lemming last is grimly gobbled
Falls to the full reception
Of a guilty voice within …
‘You couldn’t stop yourself, could you!’

Six in one sitting is such sickly sin -
‘I had six of the best
…and got what I deserved’

Richard Scutter 9 August 2006


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