In Another Life

in another life I will whisk you away
in my red hot cherry Honda
to sip capo chino champagne at The Bakehouse
and we will act as though we are in love again
but today I have to peel the potatoes
and queen Rani beckons with her bark
and she is the one who must be obeyed
but I have a bone to pick with her
respect our blue-tongues or I will see red

in another life we will sip tea with oranges
talk of China and the taking of the train to Tibet
plan an oriental escape from Bridge at the Bay
U3A, Dante, Hell and Purgatory will all disappear
but in the meantime there are a few wrinkles in my shirt
and what is this funny mark on the iron
I haven’t seen that before!
I wonder how it could have got there
one of the great mysteries of civilisation

in another life we will pack the old hamper
buy endless varieties of sausage
find a secluded bar-b-que at Pebbly Beach
and huddle in winter Sun whispering nothings
but today is devoted to dusting and cleaning
did you know the vacuum cleaner was full
I have just noticed it
It’s just totally fascinating
discovering something new every day

in another life you will be here again
your smile will spread across my face
and laughter fill this empty room

© Richard Scutter 14 February 2007


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