On a visit to Mum

I remember well the warmth of the morning
the sun brilliant in a clear sky
an early Spring blessing
all Sydney a dancing

we parked the car, pressed the button
to announce our arrival, gain access
to another world, Mum’s world
the closed world of the aged

so to her room and she asleep
in the final cell of her being
we sat until she stirred
her eyes opened registering
weeping involuntarily, we gave a tissue

she studied our presence while
trying to fold the tissue carefully like linen
then slowly formed her words …
‘you have a pretty face’
invoking her daughter’s response …
‘you created it Mum’

we walked her to a seat on the veranda
with others in various vacuous states
then leaving with a kiss implanted, we
turned to look back from the road

I remember the sun highlighting her face
she waved to us - like her old self again
being surprised by such vigour
it stayed in my mind, she still had
that touch of defiance

she wanted to say her goodbye
we departed for the crowded city
but for her, a new journey -
and Dad was waiting

© Richard Scutter 11 August 2006


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