Animal Accident

empty night road
stars with the moon off centre
talking of people met, then
bigger than a Qantas(1) tail plane
highlighted by car light
it was before the windscreen

inevitable as judgement day
Tony shouting Kangaroo
the brake screech
rubber hot into the road
and THUD!
shocked stillness

dark paddocks alongside
the parked car steaming
and we on centre stage
enter the evening chill
inspect the damaged bonnet
radiator intact and car driveable

Roo lying in right hand lane
motionless except a watery eye
alive to our movement
dragging the broken body
clearing the road for traffic
streaking her wet internals

our car disappears
the countryside reclaims the night
the grass verge cradles a dying animal

there will be no flowers

© Richard Scutter 19 June 2006

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(1) Qantas - Australian airline

Accidents involving kangaroos are common in rural areas of Australia. An organisation called WIRES ... Wildlife Injurey Rescue Emegency Service exists to help any injured animal.

Kangaroos at South Duras NSW


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