Closing the Door

(for Maureen on her departure from Black Mountain School)

the door opens again
and with a reflective eye
from another room
that enormous space diminishes

then school took full focus
a life outside the public eye
always an uneasy internment
with each day different, yet the same

when early morning music
brought a certain comfort
chided the empty class room
the lull before the student storm

broken bodies and dismembered minds
constrained by circumstance
seeing a world strange, magical
forever changing, never understanding

as teacher accepting the errant situation
but setting standards with tolerance, love
to bring structure, modify behaviour
and hope for some respite

personal survival an achievement
where one was never sufficient
dependent always on support from others
while giving back to grow communal care

where student achievement pure survival
the skills to cope in daily life
a meaning to a life so different
always fragile this existence

but as this door now closes softly
light carries forward on the journey
memories to cherish with a smile
thank you all for the times we shared

Richard Scutter 28 November 2005

Maureen at a Crookwell Garden - October 2004


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