Partnership Play

partner, partner – a clever bid

opponents now are forced to four
they will be hard pressed for one trick more

. . . four cards to play . . .

Declarer has two more to get
partner’s partner starts to sweat

contract is cold – ice cold

declarer has club ace and queen
with the king caught in between

unbelievable - squandered his entry

now he’s in a right old fix
he can’t make his two club tricks

partner wins the ace of spades

partner - I can rely on you
partner - you know what to do

partner slowly places a card upon the table

a club, a club - a club is led!
my club king is sandwiched dead!

partner, partner – that’s not clever!

partner’s partner sends a frown
and our Bridge goes falling down

© Richard Scutter 20 August 2005


No inference should be made from this poem on the nature of current or previous Bridge partnerships.


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