Just Deserts

she said ‘she didn’t deserve that’
I didn’t know her
heard her speak
wanted to share words of fun
I thought she’d appreciate
there wasn’t understanding
our brief encounter
showed such sensitivity
her pain searching
for sympathy -
got me thinking

of getting just deserts
when working guts out
and not achieving
fair go but
at Guantanamo Bay
understanding unfair spin
and how to cope
with the extremes
no respect or decency
no justice in the day . . .

put the paper down
talk about off with the fairies
they’re coming tonight
you didn’t hear a word
for dinner
fairly happy with entrée and main
suggestions please
of what to give them
I hope you’re going to help
that’s all I’m asking – just deserts

© Richard Scutter 31 August 2004


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