Early Morning Run at Batehaven

open the door quietly as you do up a shoe
no light is needed; you know what to do
close the door quickly before there’s a stew
reach down and tie the other one too
skip down the steps to the grass and the dew
open the gate - it opens to you

you’re king of the morning of the dim empty street
homes with front gardens are edge to your feet
start moving slowly the cool air is sweet
far now forgotten the warmth of the sheet
you acknowledge another’s ‘Good Morning’ greet
hi John and hi Jane and I think that’s old Pete

cross the road carefully to a track between trees
providing a path through littered gum leaves
while high overhead there’s a hint of a breeze
it moves with your body and bends with your knees
then all of a sudden you announce a sharp sneeze
the hanky’s not handy but your shirt has two sleeves

out from the bush back to busier homes
suburbia stirs as you stir up some stones
children in school clothes and disinterested gnomes
an elderly lady in bright purple tones
while downward strides make mask to the moans
of those tiring muscles and aging old bones

cross the park to breathe the beach and the sea
the soft sand and sun sap away energy
inquisitive dogs decide to roam free
you join them and share in their found liberty
the beach is the place, the best place to be
but it’s right at the road to end the journey

up the home hill, you’re glad there’s no more
come the last corner, you slow but you’re sure
another runs done, one more to the score
another runs done and you’re done to the core!
you swing open the gate; a note’s pinned to the door
‘gone shopping today, be back about four’

© Richard Scutter 10 October 2003

Published - ACT Veterans Athletics Newsletter November 03

Corrigans Beach Batehaven, early morning October 2003


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