Waiting For

the hand to chime the clock
“next please”
that perfect person
a baby to be born

children not to be children
friends to frequent your home
the dog to drop the ball
a smile from your mother’s face

the station to stop the train
the door to know the knock
the phone to pose a question
computers to request a response

ads to puncture your program
your team to touch the top
the kettle to sing its’ song
the sun to remove the rain

traffic to bring you a break
time to take in yourself
that wonderful feeling
winter spring summer autumn

words to trigger thoughts
this waiting to end
the waiting to start
a new life to begin

the final whistle to blow

the very last word

© Richard Scutter 1 July 2003

Comments on Waiting For

Well what are you waiting for ... go make the ubiquitous cup of tea.


'Just do it'... on second thoughts don't just do it ... do it with style ... do it now.


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