still early morning light
seeks to reaffirm the stirring soul by
gentle reflection,
acknowledging another day
of beginnings

recalls things due, the
resumptions from unfinished days, and the
unknown that greets the unfolding
moments already moving
to noon and the afternoon

focus now fixed, on
jobs attracting attention, totally
absorbed in the detail
time terminates in the
enormity of simple seconds

tasks completed are left, to
efface tomorrow but first
are trapped in the mind,
remembered and relived,
reflections flicker a fading day

eyes shutter the memory, the
questions demanded, only
returning uncertain answers, prompting
a search of scattering fragments to
distill a meaning and suggest a hope

Richard Scutter 10 December 2002

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There are no comments on Today. Robert Frost said a poem should need no explanation. However, isn't a poem or a painting more enjoyable if some contextual information is known.


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