He was

he was one of those men
we hadn’t long gone on our way
on our holiday, no more than a few k, when
“you know I think I’ve left the iron on”

I bet the thought had probably
been born before the letter box
too lazy to linger and
idly mentions now for my amusement

“Well it’s too bad!”
the subject flatly terminated, but -
you know it made me think of things
things that I had not forgotten

then four days later
when we were on the river cruise
while my mind was with the sun and water
“you know I think I really did, -
- I think I really did you know”

such irritating inanity
simply an inability to see -
“Look some children on the shore are waving -
come and wave back to them with me”

a happy holiday has happened
and the week is soon to sleep
our last night out and out to dinner
tomorrow will be a journey through the rain

then while waiting for desserts and
glinting with the sparkle of his glass
“You don’t know what I’m about to say!”
well, of course, of course I know!

then moves close and gives a kiss
he was one of those men - I miss him

Richard Scutter 18 March 2003


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