The Sun

The sun is a star dominating the whole of the solar system.

The sign shows a red half sun rising
it heralds a public house and stopping place
the motion of the car changes
the eager eyes of two children take notice
it is the start of the pre-match refreshment ritual

The backseat becomes an impromptu playground
cellophane biscuits are marked M and D
Meredith and Drew, Molly and Denis, Mum and Dad
waiting for the Saturday afternoon to continue
with the expectation of the game ahead

In Bradford a hoarding compares in halves
a drab couple wrapped in cold and rain
changed smiling by the light and warmth of the Sun
a ten-pound transference for the taking
now distanced by the demands of daily life

Then in that year summer came to Yorkshire
the moors sang below clear skies
a foreign heat burnt at the city’s dirt and grime
cleansing rays poked at every building and
windows were forced open to welcome fresh air

In Australia the same sun has a sharpened face
gentle rays now strike at the heart of life
scorch across the vast landscape
gum and scrub cannot escape a firing
offering a sacrifice for renewal

The fast fall of the antipodean evening
sends the seared shadows deep into the night
but in an eternity of seconds
darkness breaks by faith
bringing again the brightening rays

The sun supplies the energy to continually create life.

© Richard Scutter 26 July 2003

Morning Sun, dining Room Macquarie Canberra August 2003


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