Drought at Lake George

Lake George is dead
more a case of a passing
slowly at first
then swiftly, gone

years ago
it was another story
bird-life endeared the eye
water and sky sang in soft harmony

now the relentless sun continues to suck
drill burns the core
cracks, breaks
opens the wound

old fence-posts stretch the expanse
stand dying in the distance
nothing moves, only cicadas
shrill the vibrant heat

the puff of breath on the horizon -
a passing premonition

© Richard Scutter 17 November 2003

Lake George, evening November 2003


Here is another face on Lake George from 'Somerset Poet' A. K. S. Shaw ... inspired after reading the above ...

(during the Australian summer drought of 2002/03 Lake George completely dried up)

Once you slept beneath the bright stars, moonlight
bathed your skin, and wayward curls were wafted
by a gentle breeze across your stranded brow.

When at length the silver dawn drew back
the velvet coverlet, your sparkling laughter
filled my eyes with light. I stood upon the edge

of paradise and watched a flock of angels
skim along the shining surface of your smile,
filling the heavens with their coloured wings.

But now, alas, Fate has etched deep furrows
down your hollow cheeks, the harsh desert
has drawn the last tears from your blue eyes,

and on a bed of dry rock, the heartless sun
burns away your countenance. As every
feature turns to dust, who dares believe

that some day, far beyond this arid plain,
a softer light we sense but can’t explain,
will find again the sparkle of your smile.

A. K. S. Shaw July 2006

When Lake George is 'reborn' an image will be included below.


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