Brain Surgery

(for John(1) with apology)

Are you sure?
It is the best choice, we have all agreed.

Have you thought everything through?
Lying here in this ward has given me plenty of time.

Has everything been explained?
I know all I need too.

Are you happy with the surgeon?
We have shared several hours together.

And the pain?
That is behind me.

Are you frightened?
I was at first, but not now.

And when you wake up ...?
I will still be me, that will never change

Anything else to do?
No, I have done everything.

It is time to go?

I’ll see you tomorrow?
You will be with me.

(1) At the time of writing this Q&A poem my friend John Paice was undergoing serious brain surgery. This conversation is ficticious. For John this was not an issue. He was a strong christian and new that he would never lose his 'being' whatever the outcome from the surgery.

John died in March 2006 ... the long personal journey of his fight against a brain tumour is articluated by his family on the following site ...

© Richard Scutter 15 June 2005


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