didn’t he have anything to do
was there nothing on TV
just totally bored
that same old nothingness

day after day when there was no day

or she with nothing to do
and no one to chat with
minutes the usual endurance limit
imagine a deadly endless silence

then one hell of a BANG!

she sure dropped something
what was she creating in the kitchen
he must have fallen from his rocking chair
what was he dreaming about

so all the clocks started ticking

and that firework display
what a sight it must have been
nothing ever like it before
nothing ever like it again

so everything started to end

the champagne imperceptibly getting flat
the endless multitude of bubbles
fading away like a long slow goods train
to halt at a nowhere destination

perhaps not so
for all the little bangs
far greater than that initial burst

in a garden always changing
a flower continues to unfold

Richard Scutter 11 January 2006


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