Census Day

(For the Census on 8 August)

visitors – even if you’re not here to stay
we’ll include you too on Census Day
Christmas Islanders we note
since 92 you’ve had our vote

those that have fled to a foreign shore
your number don't count no more
and people travelling through the night
we’ll snapshot you in your flight

person and dwelling go hand in hand
except the homeless adrift in the land
but we’ll figure out where your at
to reach your lonely habitat

across every city and every town
dwellings and people in Oz will be known
sex, age and other characteristics
will yield a range of detailed statistics

for political purpose and electoral ground
population numbers are shouted around
researchers know that this core data
is to minorities a Magna Carta -

figures formed from this day
will be used in a countless way

© Richard Scutter 9 July 2006


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