One and Zero

‘where is the paint put in?’
… a four-year-old on seeing a computer screen for the first time

ONE is singular as God, standing straight
eyes capped, hands pocketed
the feet hidden from the ground
a figure quantifying every element
but confined to solitary itself

while ZERO is a nothing number
circling itself in endless chase
seeking a change in direction
like a snake swallowing it’s own tail
or an open mouth speechless

but ONE and ZERO concatenated
create one holy couple in binary bond
and where two are gathered
more than two soon gather, and life
defines in ceaseless combinations
that only a computer can comprehend -
… or perhaps God

© Richard Scutter 10 December 2008

Note ... written for the Pink Rock Poets Poetry meet Dec 08 ... the theme 10.


Anonymous Tomás Ó Conghaile said...

concatenate; a word, unless one is a unix guru, that you don't see every day

10:46 PM  

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