A Mother In-law Problem

it is not a well-known fact
that Eve won the Miss Universe Contest
three years running

it was planned out from the beginning
the whole thing ribbed from above
stage-managed to perfection

nobody said ‘she was one in a million’
so she always took top honors
the decision a one-off personal affair

how could Adam vote for another
for he had magnetic affinity for dark hair
and he couldn’t vote for a blonde unseen

but the fourth year Adam simply had to abstain
it was all Eve’s doing in the cookery department
an unwise decision to make apple pie

for how could she emulate her Mother-in-law
when the recipe wasn’t God-given,
perhaps she just thought she could do better!

a bit unfair on poor old Adam though –
for he never ever looked at another woman
and always treated her as his very own body

so now we’re all eating Eve’s humble pie
and whether we realize we’re married or not
we can blame the Mother-in-law for dictating our lot

Richard Scutter 5 September 2009


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