Animal Thoughts

this morning I woke up dreaming
when a browned-off cow
put it’s head through my bedroom window
uttered that she was tired of being milked dry
and ready to jump both sun and moon
in order to have a little fun

and on the fridge door
there was a message from the cat
said she had gone to London to see the Queen
and that she might take a little boat-trip too
and that I’d better check both the larder
and my wallet

and before I could gather my thoughts
twenty-four blackbirds started chirping
a long line on the telegraph wire
saying they had escaped from the palace
and were eying off my blackberries and apples
and after a poetic revenge

what a nightmare,
what were they thinking
did they want to become human
change natural order
cause confusion
be sinking thick

© Richard Scutter 11 February 2008


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