Rue On Rhubarb

This is the RHUBARB
joke. As a poem RHUBARB

All the lines of the RHUBARB
poem end in the word RHUBARB
except the tenth line. RHUBARB

may well ask RHUBARB
why this is RHUBARB
the case. RHUBARB

This is the tenth line. Celery

I ran out of RHUBARB
on that line. RHUBARB.

© Richard Scutter 28 November 2008

Footnote …

Written for the Pink Rock Poets Christmas Meet 2008. This poem must be read using ‘iambic laugh’ for all RHUBARB words, those that remember Harry Secombe will know exactly how. Does anyone remember the film Rhubarb?


… for the uninitiated … a fellow walks into a bar 4 days in succession attired with the said object in his ear …on each occasion the barman (of English extraction) does not comment as service is given … on the 5th day and with the change in object he summons courage to enquire but of course asks the wrong question … (however, later on that evening, the client asks the barman to call him a Taxi … the barman without any hesitation shouts ‘you are a taxi!’ … joking based on responding to questions in ways that tease … an aunt asking a teenager … do you smoke … only when very excited … )


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