Metal Jazz at Moruya

(at the Golf Club)

razzle-dazzle swang box
the squeeze fat accordion
sends out swish notes
in black and white deference
to the club’s swinging swingers

strange shapes fire dance
the flash patchy floor
in a jam jamming frenzy

the spotlight switches
to the swash ring ding zither
of the silver washboard
shingling it’s slithers
in a swashbuckling zing

hovering notes hook waiting
as the brass breaks in low
with a fart blasting blow

dull clink of beer glasses
from the shadowy cave
are black background sound
at the back of the room

the circumscribed circle
of hidden eyes follow
all silly movement
with muted mirth –

while in a matter of hours
balls will skid skyward
in different directions

Richard Scutter 20 October 2007


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